Kami also practices shamanic ceremonies and earth honoring practices such as soul retrievals and house and land clearings.  She lives in Peru with her loving husband, taking part in many out door activities.  You will frequently find the two of them hiking or skiing Bromley Mountain, foraging, camping, kayaking and spending time with beloved friends.  

clients in gaining freedom of movement, however she found it provided only short term relief; she always felt that something was missing.  Kami's search ended and her journey began in 2006 when she took her first John Barnes MFR training.  Not only was Kami assisting her clients to a level of healing she never thought possible, Kami found that she was healing as well.

​​For many years, Kami has continued to grow her MFR skill and understanding with frequent and extensive trainings directly with John F. Barnes, PT.  Kami had a small private practice out of her home until March 2014 when she was recruited to work for one of the best MFR practitioner in the country, Molly McMillan OTR/L.  It was an honor to apprentice, work along side and for, such an amazing therapist and for this, Kami is forever grateful. Kami has a strong passion for MFR and its ability to heal.  Now that so many have benefited from Kami's skills and passion, her practice has grown into a full time passion and is located in beautiful Manchester, Vermont. 

Kami Lessord Golembeski  OTR/L

Kami is an Occupational Therapist with over 21 years of clinical experience.   Kami loves movement and was drawn to Occupational Therapy due to its creativity of movement and the ability to work hands on with people. Early in her career, Kami learned and used traditional Manual therapies to assist  

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Green Mountain Myofascial Release

​Dani Granaroli LMT

Dani's interest and study of the body began in her early teens through dance, yoga and martial arts.  In these early years, she discovered the power, resilience and calm that comes with centered embodiment.  While studying anatomy and movement in massage school, she became fascinated by the body's intricacy and innate intelligence to heal itself.  this brought Dani to her main focus, to help facilitate another's own healing.  She has practiced massage and Reiki for over five years.  During that time she became increasingly interested in the fascial system.  Last year, due to some minor injuries, she started receiving MFR from Kami.  Through MFR, Dani has found the missing pieces of her practice in facilitating long lasting structural improvements with her clients.  Dani began her MFR training this past year and has quickly grown into a skilled MFR therapist as she apprentice with and works for Kami.