Danielle "​Dani" Granaroli Lmt

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Green Mountain Myofascial Release

Danielle “Dani” Granaroli LMT is the new owner of Green Mountain Myofascial release, a practice that was started with great love, care and expertise by Kami Golembeski (OTR/L & Expert Level MFR practitioner). Dani began studying with John Barnes in 2018 but her interest and study of the body started much earlier, in her teens, through dance, yoga and martial arts. In these early years, she discovered the power, resilience and calm that comes with centered embodiment. While studying anatomy and kinesiology in massage school she become fascinated with the body’s intricacy and innate ability to heal itself. She has practiced as a massage therapist for over six years during which time she become interested in the fascial system.  In 2017, due to some minor injuries, Dani began receiving myofascial release from Kami Golembeski. Through MFR Dani finally found the missing pieces of her practice in facilitating long lasting structural improvement and overall wellness with her clients. Along with the John Barnes MFR trainings in 2018 and 19, Dani began an apprenticeship under Kami Golembeski which has helped her quickly grown into a skilled MFR practitioner. Dani is eternally grateful for the encouragement and mentorship that led her to Myofascial Release as a client, student and now practitioner. MFR trainings: MFR 1, MFR 2, Unwinding, Fascial Pelvis, Cervical Thoracic and Rebounding. 

*** Massage is also available upon request. Prices for massage are the same as MFR. ***